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We all know that caring for vulnerable children is important work. But you may not know where to start.


Check out the programs we offer that will help you as you explore how your gifting and talents can benefit children in crisis and their families.


Families need support. We seek to provide events and activities that educate, equip, and encourage foster and adoptive families. Throughout the year we host trainings for parents and caregivers and a twice monthly support group for foster and adoptive mothers.

We also host family events where foster and adoptive families can get together to support and encourage each other, and so that children experiencing foster care and adoption can know other children who have experienced the same thing.

All foster and adoptive families are welcome. 



Everyone in our community plays a role in caring for vulnerable children: teachers, medical professionals, ministry leaders, and more. We can all be equipped to help support children who have experienced trauma. 

We offer trauma-informed trainings throughout the year that will help you be a care giver that better understands the effects of trauma on a child and ways to grow your area of service to help them better.



The purpose of Andrew's Closet is to provide tangible resources to foster families within the first 48 hours of placement and beyond. Placements are often arranged with little-to-no time for foster families to prepare for the child(ren) that enter their homes. Foster children often come with very few, if any, personal items or clothing. This resource is a tangible way that we can assist families who are taking emergent, temporary, or long-term placements. We also partner with Care Portal and local agencies to support kinship and reunifying families. 

Email us today if you would like to donate to Andrew's Closet of if you are aware of a family with a recent placement in need. 



The purpose of Orphan Care 101 is to educate individuals, families, and churches about the need for believers to intentionally engage in caring for vulnerable children; equip attendees with resources to help them identify ways they can engage; and encourage individuals and families to take the next step in caring for children in need of families.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from adoptive and foster families, connect with state and agency workers, and receive information and resources to take the next step in caring for children in need of families! It is open not only to those wanting to learn more about fostering and adoption, but also individuals wanting to minister to vulnerable children and those caring for them.

Churches can host an OC101 during Sunday School, small groups, discipleship events, and even Sunday morning services. 



The purpose of our advocacy initiatives is to educate churches regarding the needs of vulnerable children; equip them with the resources necessary to advocate for children and the families caring for them; and encourage families through trainings designed to help them take the next step in opening their hearts and homes to children in need of a family.

Each November for National Adoption Month we create resources for your church like bulletin inserts, slides, and prayer cards representing a child currently waiting for his or her forever family. Sign up today to receive resources next November!

Each May for National Foster Care Month we create resources to support your church in creating a caring community for children in foster care.

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